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It is easy to get caught up in the quest to hold on to what is dear to us. As shadows grow longer, we continually try to embrace and hold close what we have worked so hard to acquire. Unplugging the clock, buying time, and Oil of Olay are all futile attempts at prolonging the present. As wisdom grows along with wrinkles, we discover, to our surprise, that time can be stopped in its tracks and if we choose, reversed as well.

The faded pictures in a dusty album evoke images even more vivid and meaningful than when focused light was etched into the film. Diapers, bell-bottoms, and the "Romeo and Juliet" ticket-stub energize the synaptic connections that take us to those places we thought had vanished. The smell of burnt toast that time we first made breakfast for Mom. The warmth of a squeeze. The emptiness of a loss. The uncontrollable laughing at a nice restaurant. Each recollection produces another. The decades-old journey brought to light from unswept corners of the mind might only take seconds. How wonderful it is to have a lifetime pass to visit those places so sacred.

The exhilaration of falling in love, the shame of hurting someone close to you, the pressure of expectations, the satisfaction of a job well done . . . Those and countless other emotional tidal waves clash and separate. Eventually, the chaos gives way to calm and perfectly coalesces into the being that we are.

The loss of closeness dangles us over a chasm of despair. As the supporting thread unravels, we curse life in ignorant defense of our plight. In our haste to accuse, we remind the world of how unfair it all is. Only later do we turn inward and see the solved Rubic's cube. The pieces all fit and blend into a harmonious chord, that, when played in the mind, seems to make sense. Perfect sense. The only way it could be.

All of what we are is made on borrowed time. We can choose to invest it and enjoy the exponential growth that is peace and happiness or let it pass unnoticed until it erodes the dreams from our souls. We must choose wisely. The universe is waiting with open arms.

Steve Twaddle