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1950's pictureThis was my grandparent's home place. There were many thousand bales of hay and straw put in the largest barn; along with corn, oats, and wheat. The house was the site of meals too numerous to mention, holiday celebrations, and refreshing home made ice cream, hand-cranked on a hot and muggy summer day. The small pond in the lower left-hand corner was the place I took off my first catfish by myself. The pond at the top of the page was home to what seemed to be a million frogs that sang me to sleep through the warmer months. Just out of the top of the picture and to the left is where I grew up. So, what did things look like down on earth?

Every once in a while we'd get a downpour that we'd call a goosedrownder. (Sorry, but it's a real word where I grew up.) Here's a picture of the barn in the above photo as seen from the front porch of the house. It must have been raining cats and dogs that afternoon. This photo was taken in the 50's.

Here is a list of farm pictures from days gone by:

Turning Sod

Combining Soybeans

Work Horses

A Couple Powerhouses

A Load of Corn