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I have been quite fortunate over the years to have accumulated a wealth of old farm and family photos. I have preserved well over 90% of them digitally so they will be viewable for generations to come. I have scanned old documents as well. I have devoted a separate web site to one of them. It is the passenger ship list of the ship, "Friedrich der Grosse". This was the vessel that my great-grandmother, Anka Maria Margaretha Leiner, and her sister, Maria, sailed from Bremen, Germany, to New York City. This web site is quite large but the fact that there are over 500 names on the passenger list makes it worth a look. This passenger list was saved by my great aunt, Annette Clark. One of the things I remember most about her is she worked at a jewelry store named Stockers. I believe that my great aunt,"Nettie", also gave me the pictures of her father, John George Helmerichs.

It is, of course, easier to write or talk of those we know best. I have pictures of relatives I have never met, and I have to rely on other writings and stories to describe these individuals. The oldest photo on my father's side of the family is that of Marcene Twaddle, my great-great grandfather. I have heard stories about my great grandfather, Colbert Twaddle, from various sources.